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Shining a Light on Vision Care: Save Your Vision Month

It’s crucial to highlight the importance of vision care for residents, at Cross Timbers Nursing and Senior Mental Health we take this task seriously. While regular check-ups are essential, there are various ways to promote eye health beyond regular examinations. From ensuring proper lighting in common areas to promoting eye-healthy diets rich in nutrients like vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, there are many proactive measures that can be implemented to protect our residents’ vision.

At Cross Timbers Nursing and Senior Mental Health, the well-being of our residents is a top priority. By raising awareness about the significance of vision care and implementing simple yet effective strategies, such as encouraging regular eye breaks for those using screens or reading, we contribute to the overall health and quality of life of its residents. This Save Your Vision Month, let’s shine a light on the importance of vision care at Cross Timbers Nursing and Senior Mental Health. We ensure that our residents’ eyesight remains a top priority for their well-being.

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